Translation Services

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High-Quality Translation Services

Translation Process

A professional linguist who specializes in the target language, translations performs the initial conversion from source language into target language.

Technical Editing

Doctors (M.D.s or Ph.D.s), scholars, review the technical terminology, making sure it is current, correct and consistent.


Another professional linguist performs a final review for grammar, spelling, syntax and overall fluency.


Translations requiring formatting into non-Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Quark, InDesign) are now flowed into the English original template.

Translation into and from all Major Languages

Freelance Linguist Team

  • Allows greater flexibility with language and timing capabilities.
  • Ensures linguists stay current with the latest terminological and linguistic trends.
  • Native speakers of the target language.
  • Extensive background and experience within the field of legal, medicine and financial industry translations.

Global Language Translation Solution is a translation company that has been providing high quality, professional translation services for over 25 years. We customize our process considering the language and culture for intended audience and client’s project requirement. We work with only certified translators those have been in the required industry for many years and have complete professional approach towards the job on hand. We have proven track record in all fields mentioned below.

Insurance documents, Financial statements, Annual reports, Prospectuses, Bank Statements , Investment marketing translation, Claim document translation, Shareholder Information,
Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Devices, Inserts, Medical Clinical reports, studies and documents, Lab tests, Medical software, Hardware Glossaries, Corporate Literature and Brochures, Product licensing & patents, Product marketing, Editorial, Registration documents, Expert reports, User Information, Manuals & Patient information leaflets.
Litigation, Arbitration, Divorce decrees, Judgment, Wills, Summons, Adoption paper, Foreign decisions, Declarations, Treaties, Trial exhibits, Pleadings, Briefs, memoranda, Motions, Case law, Statutory research, Foreign newspaper and industry articles, Articles of incorporation and Bylaws, Immigration documents, International trade policy materials, Business and government correspondence, Video scripts, and Meeting minutes.
We also translate documents like Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, School or College Degree/Certificate and Letters.


We also provide certified translations. Certifications can be provided for any document. Certification is a separate document that verifies the translators work final translation of the target language is accurate, but reads like a native-language original with style, terminology and fluency.